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Minecraft RPG

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Snejhammer is a Minecraft MMORPG

Featuring a high quality RPG UI, custom dungeons, monsters,  quests, and a vast world to explore.

Free-to-play in MC Java Edition, no mods required to play.

Mid 2022 — Anticipated Alpha

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Creatures & Items

Featuring high quality 3D models for items, monsters, and players skills. Playing Minecraft will never be the same again!


Featuring a diverse skill system with seven schools of magic.
Customize your hero by choosing your own skills and spells!

Fire skills deal huge damage and burn enemies over time.

Physical skills are best suited for heroes who
prefer to place their trust in swords over sorcery.

Cold skills are defensive and can slow or freeze enemies.

Arcane skills contain powerful magical abilities ideal for wizards.

Lightning skills target multiple enemies at once.

Light skills contain powerful healing abilities
to aid your allies in the battle against evil. 

Chaos skills contain dark and forbidden magic. Warlocks
that practice the dark arts respect the balance of the
world and understand their  role against evil.


A Magical World to Explore

Discover the world of Snejhammer. The rich attention to detail and lore provides a new kind of adventure for players. Climb the highest mountain peaks, or delve the deepest dungeons on your quest against evil all on the largest Minecraft adventure map ever!

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