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Reddit Post
05 March 2023
Pictures from Snejhammer, a new minecraft RPG project in beta. What do you think? from feedthebeast
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Update #11 UI
15 January 2022
We have made progress on the remastered UI made by Crimssen. Checkout cool screenshots from development below. Let me know your feedback on the discord channel! -Snej This screenshot is a bit cluttered,...
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Update #10 Orcs
21 December 2021
Hi Everyone, The MMORPG game is progressing steadily. At this time we are working mostly on the starter island finishing the player skills, quests, npcs, and tweaking the combat system. We are still...
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Update #9 Timeline
25 November 2021
Society and the present are the products of the past. For me, reading history is fascinating because to really understand any specific period of time you need to appreciate what came before and what came...
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Update #8 Critters!
23 November 2021
For me, I like the smallest monsters just as much as the largest. These small critters do nothing, but are cute and fun to watch with their simple animations. I plan to have small interactions between...
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Update #7 UI Rework
16 November 2021
Crimssen has been working hard to improve our HUD and has done a fantastic job. It is not yet in-game, but I am excited to see the first prototype of it. It is an improvement on the old UI in two big ways. Smaller...
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Update #6 Creatures and Items
15 July 2021
Checkout the creatures and items in 3D on our website under features. Also be sure to checkout our discord for even more pictures of our monsters and items! I occasionally post concept art for upcoming...
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Update #5 Magic Items
21 June 2021
I always appreciate RPG games with lots of magic items. Coding each item by hand, however, takes a long time and is difficult to balance properly. While we plan to have around a hundred custom items with...
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Updated #4 First look at the RP!
20 June 2021
Today I was working on the texture pack for blocks and the sky. We will be moving into building towns and villages soon so I wanted to get this part figured out first. I want to keep the vanilla feel of...
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Update #3 Meet the Fastest Way to Travel!
19 June 2021
With the map being 7000×7000 blocks, travel is an important part of the game. While players can always walk / ride a horse, or fast travel using a scroll of town portal, players can also ride a griffon...
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