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Update #8 Critters!


For me, I like the smallest monsters just as much as the largest. These small critters do nothing, but are cute and fun to watch with their simple animations. I plan to have small interactions between critters such as having a cat chase the rats around, or having a bear fish for salmon in the river.

This blog post I wanted to share some cool screenshots of the starter island. I just added the monster spawners, and already it is feeling much more put together. The NPCS are not added yet because we are developing a custom dialogue system which will allow for a large amount of text without spamming the player’s chat. The system uses a branching dialogue mechanic so, like Skyrim, the NPC will respond differently based on the player’s choices.

For the last time, I don’t know what a crabby patty is!
Rabbit running on a bush in the garden.
A Squirrel in Carrot Town. The townsfolk are hosting the annual harvest festival so the whole town is dressed up for the event.
Turkey at the farm outside Carrot Town.

A farmer in Carrot Town.

A yellowfin murluk with a crab outside of Carrot Town.
On the road to Carrot Town.
A bear at the lumber mill.
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