Report a Bug

Before You Create a Bug Report 

First, make sure that your issue is really a bug. A bug is when a game function does not behave as intended. Issues with payments, accounts, technical support issues, and features you’d like to be added are not bugs and are not handled on the bug tracker. 


How to Write Constructive Bug Reports 

When you’re sure you’ve found a new bug, you may create a new bug report. The most important parts of the report are the summary and description. The summary should say what the bug is as briefly as possible. The summary is how most people will find the report, so think carefully about how to phrase it. 

The description should include: 

  • Steps to reproduce the bug (e.g., what you need to do in the game to get the bug to occur). 
  • What you expect to happen when you follow those steps. 
  • What actually happens when you follow those steps. 
  • Any further information about the bug, such as explaining any attachments you’re including, when the bug first occurred, how you’ve tested the bug, messages displayed (e.g., error messages), and how the bug impacts gameplay. 

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