Explore the rich fantasy world of Snejhammer. Scroll down to read a summary of key events and main characters. 

1,301 Anno Imperialis
The war of religion, or 15 years war, was a civil war within the empire of man. One one side were the...
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1,072 Anno Imperialis
The second age of the Emperor refers to the period of time after Saint Granticus slayed the dragon up...
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1,066 Anno Imperialis
The Coming of the Dragon “The sky darkened to blackness that day the beast arrived. The air was rich...
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1 Anno Imperialis
Summary The first age of the emperor is commonly referred to as the dark ages by historians. It refers...
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0 Anno Imperialis
The imperial calendar was adopted as a means to standardize the recording of dates across the Empire....
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-1 Before the coming of the Emperor (BCE)
The enigmatic god-Emperor is the ruler of mankind and the savior of humanity. His true name, his place...
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-20 Before the coming of the Emperor (BCE)
“The difference between angels and demons largely depends upon perspective.” The philosopher...
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-8,000 Before the coming of the Emperor (BCE)
Prologue “Greetingsss sir, what bringsss you to my humble abode?” said the grey-haired...
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