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Aegyptus – Land of the Infernal Sands


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Long ago, in the desert wastelands, the ancient kingdom of Aegyptus built mighty monuments around the river Nile that remain prominent features of the landscape today. Not much is known abut this ancient human kingdom except for the fragmented half-trues passed down in local folklore.

Lost Kingdom of Aegyptus

Restless Dead

Many are the legends of mighty lords buried under the great sphinx. None know just whom might be resting in eternal slumber there. However, local mythology provides clues and tells of, in particular, three rulers of antiquity. Perhaps these ancient lords are the same ones buried in the tomb?

The Sultan of Nirn, Abdel Fattah, has heard all the tales and has little time for the endless rumors of the risen dead. He remains fixated on the future of Nirn and to dealing with the concerns of the present. His youngest son, Prince Aziz, is of a different mind however. Raised on the legends of the tomb of kings, Prince Aziz grew obsessed with the past and of the idea of being able to unlock its secret mysteries. Stealing away from the city one night, with only a few loyal retainer guards to accompany him, the prince set out across the desert sands determined to discover the secrets of this hidden past. The young prince has not been seen since.

Several days later one of the prince’s retainers, half-mad with thirst and caked in dried-blood, returned to the palace telling of horrific tales of the risen dead from beneath the desert sands. People thought the prince’s retainer must have been driven mad under the brutal desert sun. Others just shook their heads, reminded of the ancient local legends. Sultan Abdel Fattah does not believe in the stories, and he refuses to indulge in any fantasies of risen dead beneath the sands. The sultan is offering a reward to traveling heroes to investigate the tomb of kings and to bring his son back to safety.

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