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The Mystic


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The Mystic is the god of change, fate, and wisdom. The Mystic is one of the four gods. It is she, the architect of fate, who weaves together the infinite number of intricate plots of the universe into a complex and twisted game that only she understands.

The Mystic


Fate. The one thing every soul wishes and hungers to control. Be they noble or peasant, soldier or thief, human or daemon. Chance is the accomplice of fear, and fear is weakness.

Fate on the other hand is knowledge, and knowledge is power. This power is available to any who are worthy enough to unravel the arcane mysteries of the cult. The Mystic is a popular god for philosophers and scholars: those members of society too sophisticated and refined for the brutality of the Warrior, too pragmatic to ever heed the Father’s dogmatic teachings, and who have no interest in the decadent ways of the Wanderer. Followers of the Mystic seek only to enrich and increase their own knowledge, and thus their power.

“To know thine enemy is the greatest way to defeat him.” That is the manifesto of the Mystic. The god of wisdom teaches that great power can be found through learning, especially within the ancient tomes of the past. These tomes contain arcane knowledge which has been forgotten for untold millennia.

The Mystic favors subtle weapons: flattering words, enticing offers, and ambitions stoked to traitorous or immoral ends, and above all, schemes within endless schemes. Many a lord, mage, or knight has begun a promising career only to find himself or herself prompted by a seemingly well-intentioned colleague making compromises, moving up the hierarchy at the expense of others, and taking ethically questionable shortcuts to the top. Even with the best of intentions, or perhaps because of them, these types of people are vulnerable to the machinations of the Mystic, who conspires to turn these individuals into cogs for her infernal machine, fueled by endless schemes, lies, plots, and deceits.

The cult of the Mystic welcomes all to their esteemed ranks that possess either great ambition or knowledge. For most, the promise of learning lost arcane knowledge is an enticing lure. The darkest secrets of the cult are not however revealed easily. Acolytes must devote years before they are invited to the next inner circle where they are made privy to new secrets. The 9th innermost circle is the Council of Magic composed of nine grand wizards. Grand wizards are the only members privy to the truth, and are made aware of the Mystic’s master plan for domination of the world of Snejhammer. The head of the council is the supreme wizard – Bartuc, last son of Durin.

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